The Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Act (Repeal) Act, 2013

Number of Act: 
Date of assent: 
29 July 2013
In force: 


The Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Act (Repeal) Act, 2013


Being an Act to repeal thte Sierra leone Produce marketing Act, to dissolve the Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Board, to vest the property of the Board in the Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Company Limited and to provide for other related matters


Enacted by the President and Members of Parliament in this present Parliament assembled.


1.    (1)   TheSierraLeoneProduceMarketingActishereby repealed.


(2)  The Sierra Leone Produce Marketing BoardestablishedunderthatActisherebydissolved.



2.    (1)   Subjecttosubsection(2),ofsection1allproperties andassetswhichimmediatelybeforethecommencementofthisAct were vested in the Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Board for the administrationoftherepealed Actshall,witheffectfromthe commencementofthisActandwithoutfurtherassurance,vestinthe Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Company, hereafter referred to as the“Company”subjecttoallinterests,charges,obligations,liabilities andtrustsaffectingitspropertyandassets.



(2)   Exceptasprovidedinsubsection(1)inrelationto property,allcontracts,debts,obligationsandliabilitiesoftheBoard immediately before the commencement of thisAct shall vest in the CompanyandmaybeenforcedbyoragainsttheCompany.



(3)    Alllegalproceedingsorclaimspendingbeforethe commencementofthisActinrelationtotheBoardshallbecontinued or enforced by or against the Company in the same manner as they wouldhavebeencontinuedorenforcedifthisActhadnotbeen enacted.


3.    (1)   With effect from the commencement of thisAct, the employeesoftheSierraLeoneProduceMarketingBoardasmaybe specified by the Minister responsible for Trade in writing are transferred to the Company without prejudice to any entitlement to pension,gratuityorothervestedoraccruedrightsfromtheirprevious employment and on the terms and conditions of service no less favourableaswereapplicabletothemintheirpreviousemployment.



(2)   A  person  transferred  to  the  Company  undersubsection(1)-

(a)shall be subject to his contract ofemploymentwiththecompany.



(b)   mayaccepttocontinueintheemploymentof the company subject to the terms and conditions as may be agreed upon between thatpersonandtheCompany.


Passed in Parliament this 20th day of June, in the year of our Lord two thousand and thirteen



Clerk of Parliament