Road Transport Authority (Amendment) Act, 2003

Number of Act: 
Date of assent: 
11 September 2003

Supplement to the Sierra Leone Gazette Vol. CXXXIV, No. 43


dated 11th September, 2003

Signed this 4th day of September, 2003.


The Road Transport Authority (Amendment) Act, 2003

Being an Act to amend the Road Transport Authority Act, 1996.

[11th September, 2003]

Enacted by the President and Members of Parliament in this present Parliament assembled.

The Road Transport Authority Act, 1996 is amended by the insertion of the following sections immediately after section 26 thereof: —

26 a. (1) For the purposes of its functions under sections 9, 10 and 26, the Authority shall have a corps of traffic wardens, consisting of such ranks or grades as the Authority may prescribe.

(2) A traffic warden shall be appointed by the Authority subject to such terms and conditions as the Authority' shall determine.

(3) A person shall not be appointed as a traffic warden unless he is adequately qualified by education and is suitably trained in traffic duties.

26b. (1) Subject to subsection (1) of section 26A, the object for which the corps of traffic wardens shall be appointed is to complement the Sierra Leone Police Force with regard to traffic duties and, accordingly, any reference in any of the following enactments to a constable or police officer shall include a reference to a traffic warden, that is to say—

(a) Road Traffic Act, 1964;

(b) Road Traffic Regulations, 1960;

(c) Motor Vehicle (Third Party Insurance) Act

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the functions of traffic wardens shall include the following: —

(a) to control and regulate traffic;

(b) to render the roads free from unnecessary obstruction and ensure the free flow of traffic;

(c) to educate the public on road safety;

(d) in the case of an accident—

(i) to divert traffic from the scene when necessary;

(ii) to keep onlookers away and render first aid to any injured person;

(iii) to dispatch the injured, if any, to the nearest health centre or hospital without delay;

(iv) to report the accident to the nearest police station; and

(e) to enforce all rules and regulations pertaining to the conduct of road users, including pedestrians, for the promotion of road safety.

26c. (1) A traffic warden shall have power to issue in respect of any offence specified in the First Schedule, a ticket in the form set out in the Second Schedule, stating the circumstances of the offence and the penalty thereof as prescribed by the appropriate enactment referred to in the First Schedule, together with the administrative charges for handling or processing the offence out of court.

(2) The administrative charges for the offences specified in the First Schedule are as prescribed in the Third Schedule.

(3) The prescribed fine together with the administrative charge shall be paid by the offender at the nearest office of the Authority.

(4) Where an offender fails to pay the fine and the prescribed_ administrative charge within seventy-two hours, the traffic warden shall refer the matter to the police who shall institute criminal proceedings against the offender.

(5) Where the offender is convicted by the court, the court shall order the payment by the offender, the prescribed administrative charge and updated fines together with the cost of prosecution or other moneys due under any other law.

26d. Where—

(a) the offender refuses to accept a ticket; or

(b) the offence is not one for which a ticket may be issued,

the traffic warden shall promptly make a report of the offence to the police, giving the circumstances of the offence, the particulars of the vehicle, the name of the owner or driver together with such other information as will assist the investigation and successful prosecution of the case.

26e. (1) A traffic warden shall have the power to tow away or clamp the wheel of any vehicle which is parked in any road, pavement or side-walk in contravention of the Road Traffic Act, 1964 or the Road Traffic Regulations, 1960 or any regulations made under this Act

(2) A court before which any offender is tried for any contravention referred to in subsection (1) may, on the conviction of the offender, order, whether in addition to or substitution for any punishment for such contravention, the defendant to pay the cost of the tawing or clamping and, in default of such payment, the offender shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months.

(3) No traffic warden or person acting on the instruction of a traffic warden shall be liable for any damage which may be caused to the vehicle as a result of the towing or clamping.

26f. (1) A traffic warden shall wear such uniform as the Authority shall determine and shall in addition be provided with an identity card and shall not act as a traffic warden when not in uniform.

(2) Both uniform and the identity card shall serve as indicators to the public of the status of the traffic warden as an employee of the Authority.

26g. Every traffic warden shall have for the performance of his functions under this Act, the powers and protection afforded members of the Sierra Leone Police Force by law for the performance of their traffic duties.

26h. The Authority may, by statutory instrument, amend any Schedule."

FIRST SCHEDULE (Section 26C (1))

No, Offence Enactment

1. Driving an unlicensed vehicle Sec. 7 (1) of RTA, 1964

2. Driving an unregistered vehicle Sec. 7(1) RTA, 1964

3. Carrying passengers in excess Reg. 70 (4) RTR, 1960

4. Parking vehicle in a prohibited area Reg. 39 (1) (k) RTR, 1960

5. Using vehicle other than its licensed

purpose. Sec. 51 RTA, 1964

6. Abandoning disabled vehicle without

safety precaution Reg. 39(1) (r) RTR, 1960

7. Carrying more than six persons

in addition to driver and his assistant 

on goods vehicle  Reg. 16 RTR, 1960

8. Carrying freight or load on canopy Reg. 27(1X0 (ii) RTR, 1960

9. Carrying a person in front of him on a motor cycle ex- carrying a person at the rear of motor cycle when not

properly constructed for the purpose. Reg. 40 RTR, 1960

10. Making unnecessary noise with

the horn of a vehicle. Reg. 39 (l)(d) RTR, 1960

11. Carrying goods and passengers at

the same time Reg. 70 (2) RTR, 1960

12. Carrying cattle and passengers at

the same time. Reg. 70 (3) RTR, 1960

13. Carrying more than one person on

a two-wheeled motorcycle. Reg. 40.RTR, 1960

14. Driving vehicle without driving mirror. Reg. 27(lXo) RTR, 1960

No. Offence Enactment

15. Defective windscreen wiper Reg. 27(1 )(v) RTR, 1960

16. Disobeying traffic sign lawfully placed on or near any road for driver's

guidance.      Reg. 39( l)(j) RTR, 1960

17. Excessive emission of smoke Reg. 27(1 )(j)RTR, 1960

18. Carrying projected goods Reg. 27(1 )(c)RTR, 1960

19. Failing to affix current vehicle

licence for inspection. Reg. 14(1)RTR, 1960

20. Obscured identification marks

or obliterated number plate. Reg. 21 RTR, 1960

21. Permitting a person to ride on wing, bonnet, running board

or fenders of a vehicle. Reg. 39(l)(p) RTR, 1960

22. Picking up passengers on

omnibus route, Reg. 70(5) RTR, 1960

23. Parking a vehicle within 25ft from a corner, bend, junction

or round about. Reg. 39(1 )(f) RTR, 1960

24. Failing to affix appropriate

number plates on a vehicle. Reg. 20(1) RTR, 1960

25. Driving with defective head

light. Reg. 27(l)(m)(i) RTR, 1960

26. Driving vehicle with smooth

or defective tyres. Reg. 27(l)(g) RTR, 1960

27. Causing a vehicle to travel back

ward unnecessarily (reversing). Reg. 39 (l)(b) RTR, 1960

28. Causing obstruction. Reg. 42(3) RTR, 1960

29. Driving with a defective speedometer Reg. 27( l)(w) RTR, 1960

No. Offence Enactment

30. Driving with a mutilated driving

licence or defaced photograph. Sec. 53(b) RTA, 1964

31. Driving without rear number

plate light. Reg.27(lXmXiii)RTR,1960

32. Driving without rear parking

light. Reg. 27(l)(m)(iii) RTR, 1960

33. Failing to draw vehicle to the side

of the road . Reg. 39(1 Xg) RTR, 1960 ,

34. Driving without brake light

or with defective brake light Reg. 27(l)(m)(iii) RTR, 1960

35. Disobeying Police/Traffic Warden

verbal instructions. Reg. 39(1 )(h) RTR, 1960

36. Failing to take vehicle for examination as required by a constable/Traffic Warden or

certifying officer. Sec. 34(1) RTA, 1964

37. Driving without right or left side

direction indicator. Reg. 30 RTR, 1960

38. Driving vehicle in a poor general

mechanical condition. Reg. 27(l)(u) RTR, 1960

39. Leaving vehicle unattended. Reg. 39(1 )(g) RTR, 1960

40. Failing to maintain windscreen so as not to obscure the vision of

driver. Reg. 27(1 Xs) RTR, 1960

41. Failing to affix commercial number

plate on hackney carriage Reg. 45( l)(c) RTR, 1960

42. Failing to paint owners name

and address (commercial vehicle). Reg. 7(7) RTR, 1960

No. Offence Enactment

43. Permitting person to ride on the canopy Reg. 39(l)(p) RTR, 1960

44. Driving without warning instrument. Reg. 27(1 )(n) RTR, 1960

45. Driving vehicle without permit

from Road Transport Authority. Reg. 77 RTR, 1960

46. Refusing to take passenger to his/her

destination (Taxi). Reg. 52(3)(b) RTR, 1960

47. Obstructing the driver whilst in motion. Reg. 41 RTR, 1960

48. Driving without driving licence. Sec. 21(1) RTA, 1964

49. Riding bicycle without efficient

brake or bell. Reg. 85 (a) RTR, 1960

Reg 85(f) RTR, 1960

50. Furious riding.

51. Riding bicycle on the footpath.  Reg. 85 (i) RTR, 1960

52. Riding bicycle without rear red light or red reflector or white

light at front. Reg. 84 (b) RTR, 1960

53. Failing to give appropriate

trafficator light signal. Reg. 32 (1) RTR, 1960

54. Driving vehicle without efficient

silencer. Reg. 27 (l)(i) RTR, 1960

55. Driving vehicle above speed limit. Reg. 39 (l)(a) RTR, 1960

56. Driving vehicle without mudguard. Reg. 27(1) (t) RTR, 1960

57. Driving taxi/omnibus without spare

tyre. Reg. 48 (d) RTR, 1960

58. Failing to paint details on the side

of commercial vehicle or trailer. Reg. 27 (l)(f) (iii) RTR, 1960

No. Offence Enactment

59. Riding on the canopy. Reg. 39(1) (p) RTR, 1960

60. Riding on the tailboard or doorstep. Reg. 39 (l)(p) RTR, 1960

61. Obscuring the rear view glass of

driver. Reg. 27 (l)(s) RTR, 1960

62. Carrying passengers on board omnibus without proper seating

accommodation. Reg. 65 (2) RTR, 1960

63. "Learner" failing to be accompanied by a current licenced driver and

L-plate. Reg. 23(1) RTR, 1960

64. Abandoning vehicle on the public

highway. Reg. 79 (l)(a) RTR, 1960

65. Driving without driving licence

valid for the class of the vehicle. Reg. 22 (l)(a) or (b) RTR, 1960

66. Failing to affix L-plate. Reg. 23 (4) RTR, 1960

67. Driving motor vehicle without or

with incomplete lights. Reg. 27 (l)(m)(i) RTR, 1960

68. Driving motor cycle without head light. Reg. 27 (l)(m)(v) RTR, 1960

69. Driving heavy motor vehicle without

illuminated direction indicators. Reg. 29 (a)(ii) RTR, 1960


In this Schedule-

(a) "RTA, 1964" means the Road Traffic Act, 1964 (Act No. 62 of 1964)

(b) "R.T.R, 1960" means the Road Traffic Regulations, 1960 (S.I. No. 77 of I960)."

SECOND SCHEDULE (Section 26C(1))


Serial No......................


That you


of........................................................................with Driving Licence

No.........................being Driver of.................................on the............

(Make/Type of Vehicle) did commit

the Traffic Offence of........................................................................

(State section/Regulation of enactment(s).)

In accordance with the penalty therefor in the above mentioned enactment for the offence stated above you are hereby fined the sum of Le..............................


(Amount in words)

to be paid within seventy-two hours from today's date at the Road Transport Authority Office nearest the place the ticket was issued failing which you will be prosecuted in Court accordingly.


Traffic Warden




THIRD SCHEDULE (Section 26C(2)) ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGES The administrative charges for offences are as follows: —

(a) in the case of non-motorised vehicle ... ... ... Le5,000.00

(b) in the case of motorised vehicle with not more than

three wheels ...... ... ... ... ... Le20,000.00

(c) in the case of cars and light vans ..................Le30,000.00

(d) in the case of lorries and trucks of up to six wheels ... Le80,000.00

(e) in the case of motorised vehicles of above six wheels LelOO,000.00


Passed in Parliament this 10th day of April, in the year of our Lord two thousand and three.

J. A. CARPENTER, Clerk of Parliament.

This Printed Impression has been carefully compared by me with the Bill which has passed Parliament and found by me to be a true and correctly printed copy of the said Bill.

J. A. CARPENTER, Clerk of Parliament.

Printed and Published by the Government Printing Department, Sierra Leone. Gazette No. 43 of 1 1th September, 2003.