S v Rugiatu Koroma (001) [2020] SLHC 23 (05 August 2020);




 Having heard both Counsel and taking into consideration the length of time that we have attempted to prosecute this matter and the number of adjournments, and taking into consideration the fact that this defendant has never been absent for any hearing, and thinking about the impact it would have had on her well-being over a period of from 13th November 2018, it is the opinion of this Court that it would be manifesting unfair to put this defendant through all of this was lack of good preparation by the prosecution.

I will therefore discharge this defendant and this matter for lack of prosecution. Of course, Counsel knows that an acquittal and discharge are different and have different meanings from a discharge. It is up to them to decide on whether they will go and prepare their case properly and diligently and come back to the court.

                        I therefore discharge the Defendant for want of Prosecution.


                                                                                                                   5th August 2020

Hon. Justice Bintu Alhadi J.A