BARCLAYS BANK D.C.O. v. B.D. KALIL AND SONS and SOLITA KALIL (Civil App. No. 15/70)) [1972] SLCA 1258 (02 February 1972);

court may appoint receiver where circumstances just and convenient: A mortgagee in possession may relieve himself of his position and responsibility
by appointing a receiver; and the court may appoint a receiver after a mortgagee has taken possession if the circumstances render it just and convenient: for example, if the mortgagee in possession refuses to satisfy equitable interests, or if there is a strong prima facie case for setting the conveyance to him aside; but not otherwise, unless the rents and profits are in dange

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Mortgage-foreclosure or sale-foreclosure of equitable mortgage


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1972-73 ALR S.L. 14