Kallon v. Kallon (Divorce Case No. 20/65) [1967] SLSC 1240 (23 May 1967);

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Family Law -divorce-appeals-appeals against maintenance orders -appeal proceedings not necessarily bar to variation by trial court

Family Law-maintenance-variation-permanent maintenance on divorce-appeal proceedings not necessarily bar to variation by trial court: 


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The fact that an order of the Supreme Court for maintenance in a divorce suit has been referred to the Court of Appeal is not necessarily a bar to an application to vary the order in the Supreme Court, unless
the application involves the consideration of some specific matter subject to reappraisal in the Court of Appeal

An order for the payment of maintenance to a wife upon divorce should not be varied in the husband's favour on the ground of his remarriage where that is followed by the birth of a child to the new
wife within a few weeks of the decree nisi (page 165, line 37-page 166, line 5)

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1967-6!> ALll. S.L. 162