Kargbo, Kargbo and Kamara v. Reginam (Cr. App. Nos. 43/66, 44/66 and 45/66)) [1967] SLCA 1238 (10 May 1967);

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Criminal Law -degrees of complicity-accessories-accessory before the fact-accused acquitted where charged as accessory and proved to be principal

Criminal Law- degrees of complicity-accessories-accessory before the fact-definition-person

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Where an accused person is charged with being an accessory before the fact to a felony and is proved to have been a principal, he may not be convicted of being either accessory or principal and should be acquitted (page 149, lines 11-15; page 149, line 40-page 150, line 1)

To qualify as an accessory before the fact to a felony, a person must be absent at the time the crime is committed and the act must be done in consequence of some counselling or procurement of his (page 150,
lines 1-4).

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1967-68 ALR S.L. 146