Government Budgeting and Accountability (Amendment) Act, 2011

Number of Act: 
Date of assent: 
24 May 2011
In force: 

The Government Budgeting and Accountability (Amendment)
Act, 2011.

Being an Act to amend the Government Budgeting and Accountability Act, 2005.

ENACTED by the President and Members of Parliament in this present Parliament assembled. 

The Government Budgeting and Accountability Act, 2005 is amended -

(a) by the insertion in section 2 thereof of the following definition:-
“Public Investment Programme” means a three -year rolling programme containing the development plan of the Government, including the development projects planned to be implemented during the three years, together with the development spending for the ensuing year and the indicative development estimates for succeeding years”;
(b) by the insertion immediately after paragraph
(b) of section 23 of the following:-
“(bb) commencing with the Government budget for the financial year beginning January 1, 2012, a Public Investment Programme;”
(c) by numbering the existing section as subsection (1) and inserting the following as subsections (2) and (3):-

(2) The Public Investment Programme mentioned in paragraph (bb) of subsection (1) shall not include any project unless the project has -
(a) been selected after being evaluated and determined to have met selection criteria provided for under subsection (3);
(b) had adequate funding identified for its implementation;
(c) clearly identified and affordable recurrent cost implications, including the costs for its operations and maintenance; and
(d) had its counterpart financing requirements clearly identified and determined to be affordable.

(3) The Minister shall, from time to time, issue regulations and guidelines which shall include the criteria and specific information required to qualify a project for inclusion in the Public Investment Programme”.

Passed in Parliament this 24th day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand and eleven.

Officer- in -Charge Office of the Clerk of Parliament.